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Student Week Branding Consultancy Services

To get the best of our branding advice and full participation, institutions have to give at least six weeks’ notice before the date of the beginning of their student week. For your student week branding advice and full participation use the contact us information provided.

Student Inspired Souvenirs

We have over twenty student inspired souvenirs to our list. Our collection ranges from assorted Bags to assorted Tees to Face Caps to Water Bottles to Hoodies and to assorted Plastic and Printed Folders. Our collection of souvenirs is customised to confidently project the vision, mission and overall identity that gives the institution its distinct place among other institutions.  Please contact us to view our collection of souvenirs.

Corporate Sponsorships & Brand Exclusivity

Strategic Inserts

Strategic inserts help corporate bodies and student related brands by directly reach out to the student community with their student product, corporate message or theme by using Mouse-Repute Student diary platform to insert their student product, corporate message or theme cards in the diary. The student product, corporate message or theme cards or whatever the sponsorship seeks to do is expected to carry all relevant information about them like its benefit to the students. Strategic inserts can be produced by Mouse-repute on behalf of corporate bodies or brands at a very minimal cost. Insertion will be done during the packaging of the student diaries.

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Controlled Printing And Photocopying Solutions

As a preferred PaperCut Reseller for Nigeria, we provide printing and photocopying solutions for tertiary institutions in Nigeria Papercut Printing and Photocopying management software PaperCut was developed 14 years ago in Australia and has grown over the years to be the number one name in print management in Australia. PaperCut has a global network of resellers and partners providing professional client support and consulting services in over 100 countries with 50,000 sites across all markets. However, the education sector remains its primary focus.

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Students' Diary and Planner

COE Student Diary

Why Student Diary?
Asking why a student should use a diary is like asking why a shopper or a house-wife should have a shopping list!

So we can’t keep saying the quality of our education is declining if we don’t see the need for our students to have their daily routines worked out in advance.A student diary will not solve all the student challenges but it will help produce straight ‘A’ students from first year. How? When students develop the habit of having their daily routine worked out in advance, it will be difficult for anything outside their plan to distract or interrupt them.

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