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You guys have a problem. Your institutions don’t last.
These were the words of Dr Walter Carrington, former United States Ambassador to Nigeria at a dinner in Boston with pastor Wale Adefarasin, while lamenting on the dilapidated state of the University of Ibadan during his visit to Nigeria in1989, 30 years after his first trip to Nigeria as a United States Peace Corps in 1959.
Source: LifeWay Magazine June-July 2012

Education cannot be left in the hands of government and a few individuals alone if we are serious about the future of education in Nigeria. We have every right to hold government accountable for its shortcomings in the development of higher education sector but as Nigerians we have not helped the situation. Rather than invest in the education industry, we look elsewhere, most times in sectors that are saturated with investors. The journey to a world-class education begins with us. It lies in our interest to help grow indigenous education while looking at healthy long term returns. It is good to match robust infrastructure with good salaries and welfare packages but if we are going to have a lasting quality education in our tertiary institutions then, we have to look beyond increase in salaries and bogus infrastructures. Rather, there is a need to preserve and manage what we have and this is where we seem to have a problem; which is our weak commitment in sustaining our tertiary institution as independent entities. So we are calling on all stakeholders in the higher education sector in Nigeria and investors who are passionate about the development of higher education in Nigeria to join us in our innovative approach in our thrust for a world-class education in Nigeria.


Students nowadays learn under very harsh condition which in itself could lead to crisis. There are no sufficient teaching materials in our schools again, there is poor welfare for the students and the library and laboratories are now empty. - Wole Soyinka

The poor education system in Nigeria is largely responsible for the alarming number of Nigerians seeking higher education in other countries…In the last 10 years, we have only implemented between 8 and 9 per cent of our annual budgetary allocation on education. It is very poor and we need to invest and refocus - Nasir Fagge

The curriculum in our schools needs to be reviewed. There is a mismatch between realities of our society and our tertiary institutions. We are producing graduates in courses we don’t need - Babatunde Raji Fashola

Given the inescapable fact that government alone cannot fully meet the challenge of effectually funding education in the country, I enjoin the managements of our universities to explore alternative means of supplementing government funding through innovative and productive partnership with our development partners, alumni and all stakeholders - Umaru Musa Yar'Adua

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