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Why Student Diary?
Asking why a student should use a diary is like asking why a shopper or a house-wife should have a shopping list!

So we can’t keep saying the quality of our education is declining if we don’t see the need for our students to have their daily routines worked out in advance.A student diary will not solve all the student challenges but it will help produce straight ‘A’ students from first year. How? When students develop the habit of having their daily routine worked out in advance, it will be difficult for anything outside their plan to distract or interrupt them.


The time and energy wasted on irrelevant and frivolous activities will be directed into something positive. The ‘How to Make The Most of This Diary’ in the first pages of the diary will enable students benefit from the time management design of the diary.

Usefulness of Diary to the Institution

      • An innovative way to help the institution brand itself.
      • A great platform for the institution to communicate its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other crucial aspects of the institution to its students and external stakeholders.
      • A unique way to introduce the institution values to first year students.
      • Provides a more affordable and effective publicity for the institution when compared to other kinds of publicity.
      • An ideal medium to keep reminding students to remain focused in their academic goals even when the institution is not in session.
      • Provides a direct communication channel for the institution and its students.
      • Diary will carry important institution events to enable students plan ahead and participate effectively.
      • A strategic way to communicate the 10 to 20 most outstanding present or historic facts about the institution to its students.
      • An opportunity for the institution to engage with students to formulate and adopt an academic or campus theme for the year.
      • A medium to openly acknowledge academic performance in addition to convocation ceremonies.
      • Diary is a welcome innovation in fostering a positive institution lifestyle that will become an identity for its alumni.
      • Diary travels far. Therefore what the institution says about itself in the diary is important. It can either send a good message that will help sell the institution and further stir up anxiety in prospective students or it will send a wrong message that will give the institution a negative reputation.

Usefulness of Dairy to the Students

    • Freshman’s number one companion.
    • Great student accessory offering 24/7 user value to the student.
    • Has an easy to customise study timetable.
    • Supports the student to prioritize activities resulting in the achievement of daily results.
    • Provides relevant, correct and up to date student information.
    • Powerful resource for future documentation.
    • Contains carefully selected daily motivational quotes.
    • Reliable autobiography resource.
    • Brief career talk/advise from professionals in different fields
    • Carries photos of important annual campus events.
    • Easy reminder on important dates.
    • Educating advertorials in form of quiz and essays.
    • Provides mentorship through the profiling of reputable Nigerians.
    • “How to make the most of the diary” is a step by step student friendly approach on how the diary can help the student maximize time, prioritize and apply action.
    • Diary is convenient to carry.
    • Diary has a waterproof cover to protect it against damage and to enhance its shelf life.

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