Do you enjoy hot tea and reading the after effects of the spill? Do you have a favourite musician, dancer, actor, sports person or gymnast? Do you like watching your favourite people do what you find interesting and motivating?  Or do you love your style and have a passion for fashion?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then read the posts and join the conversation because this is where you need to be when your mom or guardian tells you to read something that contributes to a better childhood. Be among people who share the same enthusiasm and zest about the things and people they love. Be it at the screen of your monitor or thumbs at your smartphone.

Suggest and spill tea and relish the dialogues given by your fellow characters. Share with us who you adore the most and why. Order accessories, clothing and merch and become a part of the crew.

Join the conversation with me, Virtue, a teenage techie, artist, fashion critic and writer.

Be you, be true and play cool.