Controlled Printing And Photocopying Solutions


As a preferred PaperCut Reseller for Nigeria, we provide printing and photocopying solutions for tertiary institutions in Nigeria Papercut Printing and Photocopying management software PaperCut was developed 14 years ago in Australia and has grown over the years to be the number one name in print management in Australia. PaperCut has a global network of resellers and partners providing professional client support and consulting services in over 100 countries with 50,000 sites across all markets. However, the education sector remains its primary focus.


 Why Use PaperCut?

  1. PaperCut isdesigned specifically for the education environment by professional education network administrators.
  2. \There is the dare need for Nigerian tertiary institutions to be completely digitally compliant.
  3. The noise and pollution caused by generators from business centres on campus is harmful to human life.
  4. Students and staff will achieve more daily targets if the time wasted to do printing at business centres is used to attend to more pressing issues.
  5. PaperCut allows institutions to generate internal revenues by offering students pre-paid printing and photocopying solution through the use of printers and copiers strategically positioned at faculty offices, departments, hostels, and other strategic sites on campus.
  6. It helps students to be effective in the achievement of their academic goals by providing 24/7 printing and photocopying solutions to students. 
  7. Pre-paid cards can be topped up after initial printing credit is used up.
  8. PaperCut also helps institutions to control and cut back on printing with PaperCut MF quotas and print policies, cutting paper and toner costs and power usage.  
  9. Using PaperCut helps reduces impact of carbon on our environment. At-a-glance reporting on CO2 and carbon emissions – by CO2 volume or by tree – shows the impact.
  10. PaperCut is user-friendly. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell, making PaperCut the most flexible and integrated management solution available.
  11. Track and budget staff printing by faculty or department.
  12. Simple installation - starts working immediately.
  13. Directory integration with automatic user account creation.
  14. Simple web-based administration for office staff.
  15. Automatic scheduling of credit/quotas.
  16. Students can also conveniently do their printing from their laptops, ipads, tablets and other electronic devices.
  17. Suitable for networks of 5 to 500,000 plus users and regardless of the number of servers and end users on your network, PaperCut MF will scale to meet your needs.
  18. Secure confidential documents and release anywhere with Find-Me print.

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